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Explore a world where extraordinary living is not just a concept but a lived reality.

An invitation to experience life in its fullest, most vibrant form, guided by a visionary who embodies the spirit of transformation and healing to initiate into your InnerG (GREATNESS)!

Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and transformed!

Welcome to the captivating world of Donellia, a disruptor of chaos and confusion, a luminous spirit, and beacon of inspiration in the realms of pleasure, work-life harmony, neurodiversity, generational healing, and the transformative power of creativity and authentic self-expression. Donellia is not just a cultural curator and influencer; she embodies the essence of a movement that transcends traditional boundaries, decolonizes the mind, while challenging the status quo by showing up fiercely with 4,000+ Ancestors behind her.

Her journey is marked by rich, diverse experiences and an unwavering commitment to advocacy and change. As a devoted mother and a resilient epilepsy warrior for two of her young adult children, Donellia's life is a testament to strength and perseverance. Her role as a mental health advocate, community change agent, and entrepreneur is intertwined with her personal narrative, making her work deeply impactful and authentic. With over 20 years of experience in working within industries, organizations, and with people, she holds multiple degrees, a UCLA Fellowship + 1 year of PhD study, she harnesses her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to serve. Of all her degrees she is most proud of her internal PhD in Perseverance & Descernment=the spiritual keys which help us ascend beyond our life experiences & circumstances!

At the heart of Donellia's mission lies her ability to connect and inspire individuals from all walks of life. Her projects are not just ventures; they are extensions of her core gifts, purpose, and superpowers. As an adult with ADHD, she functions boldly and unapologetically, turning a neuro-nuisance into a personal superpower! Using creativity as therapy, Donellia transforms challenges into opportunities for growth and self-expression and guides others to do the same.

Donellia's roots are as enchanting as her journey. Originating from the Gullah Sea Islands of South Carolina, a place renowned for its beauty and sacredness, she draws inspiration from her heritage, infusing it into her work and ethos.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive,

but to thrive;

& to do so with some passion,

some compassion,

some humor

& some style"

-Maya Angelou

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Creative Consultation:

Fashion|Afro-Interior Design|

Cultural Heritage Projects

We specialize in Afropolitan style, Afro-interiors, and cultural heritage projects.

MindSet & InnerG Coaching & Doula

Activating and living out loud (LOL) our gifts, purpose, and superpowers (GPS) is our divine birthright. Mindset and InnerG coaching are an essential component for uncovering, decluttering, liberating, embodying and healing your authentic self. Through mindfulness practice, Ancestral/archetypal wisdom, and intuitive insight, we explore and reclaim the BEST of YOU!

Tours|Retreat Host|Speaker|

Book Donellia as a speaker, retreat guest/host, or book a cultural heritage experience of her historic hometown of Port Royal, SC. We also present on the following topics to name a few:

-The Hairitage & History of HeadWraps

-African Fabrics & Symbols

-Creating Conscious Centered Content

-The Life Centered Work Ethos

-Giving 0 F’s & Serving Big Facts

-Emotional Intelligence is the NEW Smart

-Energy is Currency

-From Hustle n FLOW to Grace n FLOW


Enrollment opens 1/11

Join the InnerG Tribe!

We can experience it all: Pleasure, joy, self love, self care, wealth, wellness and do so in community with each other. Gain access to our exclusive membership community to receive weekly visual/voice affirmations, guided meditations, monthly playlist, a personalized InnerG recording, monthly workbook guide, and Inner G sessions + 10% off Soft Girl Sunday’s and retreats (with Alchemy membership only)

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Enrollments opens 2/22


Enrollments opens


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Enrollments opens


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Gullah Basket Weavers: Project with Etsy & Nest

8 Black Women Keeping the Arts alive in the Lowcountry: Black Southern Belle


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